Web Is Freaking away relating to this Newly Discovered Photo that presents Amelia Earhart Survived the woman Crash

The fate of famous aviator Amelia Earhart along with her navigator Fred Noonan stays one of the best unsolved secrets of your time. But a newly discovered photograph may indeed support the secret to unlocking the reality about what really occurred on last leg of her try to end up being the world’s very first feminine pilot to circumnavigate the globe.

80 years back, while traveling over the South Pacific on July 2nd 1937, the duo vanished while heading east from Papua brand new Guinea. In Earhart’s final radio interaction, she noted which they were operating reduced on fuel, which led individuals believe the set almost certainly crashed to the ocean. But previous FBI official Shawn Henry thinks that the photo below, unearthed by retired United States Treasury Agent Les Kinney in 2012, shows that Earhart and Noonan really arrived properly but were then captured by the Japanese. This might ben’t the first time this principle has-been put forward, however it is the very first time that an image features emerged that seemingly supports such a claim.

“This positively changes record,” Henry told men and women mag. “i believe we proved beyond a fair question that she survived the woman trip and happened prisoner by the Japanese regarding the area of Saipan, in which she eventually passed away.”

Henry’s investigation features led to a documentary that may air on History Channel on Sunday, July 9th, called Amelia Earhart: The Lost proof. Listen in to see for yourself if this continuous secret is mostly about become resolved.

The fate of aviator Amelia Earhart along with her navigator Fred Noonan continues to be one of the best unsolved secrets of your time

80 years ago, while traveling on the Southern Pacific, the duo vanished while proceeding east from Papua New Guinea

In Earhart’s last radio interaction, she said these were running reduced on gas, which led visitors to believe they’d almost certainly crashed at sea

But a formerly key picture might just hold the secret to unlocking the reality as to what really took place

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